Sunday, July 3, 2011

Peace within the Storm: the first ever Stay Open Singing Response

Hey Carina,
I took your last advice and i've actually fallen in love with someone. He literally is the only person who can ever make me happy, I really think were soulmates. While this might sound good, I have other issues. We're in a band together and I'm 19 so I still live with my parents. My mom really doesn't like him at all and she makes fun of me for liking him. Now she tells me we actually have to stop dating if we're in a band together. This kills us and we end up sneaking around when the other band members aren't present. It also doesn't help that my sister is in the band who is best friends with my mom. She just told me that i can basically never date him again. and I really don't know what to do this whole situation makes me really sad :(
I hope you can help somewhat or give me some sort of advice,

* * * * *